Textbook Guidelines

Students visit the library at the beginning of the school year to check out their textbooks for the school year. The following textbook tips may help to prevent payments for book loss or damage.

Textbook Tips

  • Students should write their first and last name inside the front cover of each of their textbooks. They should also write the year beside their name.
  • Students should look over their books and report any damage (to the library staff) immediately to avoid book fines at the end of the school year.
  • All textbooks need to be covered at all times. Covering textbooks helps to prevent damage to the cover of the books. Damage fines will be assessed at the end of the school year for damage to textbooks. Students are encouraged to use paper bags to make book covers.
  • Students need to be responsible for their books at all times. If a book is lost, the first book must be paid for before a second book is issued. If the first book is then found, a refund will be issued. Book loss is most often caused by leaving a book in a classroom or lending a book to a friend. All payments must be in cash
  • 8th grade students will not be able to participate in the promotion ceremony if they owe the school for a lost or damaged book.
  • Textbooks are more and more expensive every year. The average student’s books at Bonita Vista Middle cost a total of $240. The new Math books cost over $90 each.
  • All payments for textbook loss or damage – cash only!

District Textbook Policy
Textbook Guidelines for Students and Parents (English)
Textbook Guidelines for Students and Parents (Spanish)

Online Textbooks

All math and science textbooks can be accessed on the IPad.