E-Books for Bonita Vista Middle Students

The library has purchased 43 titles from Follett in the form of e-books.  In order to access these books, just follow these steps:

1.    Open your web browser (works on Safari or any other web browser)

2.    Go to https://wbb44111.follettshelf.com or you can just click on the banner above.

3.    Put in the username and password provided by Mrs. Wymer in the library.  If you do not know the username or password, please come and ask us!

4.    You will login as guest.

5.    Select the book you would like to read by clicking on the cover.

6.    Once you have opened the book, you can click the arrows on the bottom right to move forwards or backwards through the pages.  You can also type in the page number to go directly to a certain page.

7.    If you click the “read” icon on the bottom left you can listen to the audio version of the book.

8.    You can access the table of contents on the top left of the screen if you are looking for a certain chapter.

9.    It is important that you remember what page/chapter you were on when you stopped reading.  Because you are logged in as a guest, you page will not be saved for the next time you log in. 

10.  If someone else is already reading the book you want to read when you log in, you will not be able to access it until they log off. 

11.  If you have any questions about using our Follett e-books, see Mrs. Wymer.